What's in your belly?

Green + Protein

It’s just plum yum!

 Still getting down with my mahi mahi, this time in a hickory-plum sauce. Get it, get it. MMM good. 

Sweet & Smokey Mahi Mahi

I think this may be the best fish I’ve ever made. 

I made a reduction of sorts and marinated the tuna in it for just about two hours.

It included: yellow onion, soy sauce, a splash of wine, olive oil, fresh apricot, garlic, orange juice, a touch of cinnamon. and BACON. Hence the smokey.

So, after my mahi got its marinade on, I broiled it. 9 minutes at 325…ish. And it was PERFECT. All done. Flavorful. Juicy. Lovely. 

I’ve paired it with kale here, but any bit of green will do. I got a Memorial Day weekend deal on this fishy at Bowery Whole Foods. I suggest you hit them up ASAP. 

Cheers to this Summer Fish Dish. 

"Summer Fish Dish. I rather like that."


Lemon Chick

I’m on a baking kick. 

baking my proteins, that is. 

This recipe’s one of my go-tos. It’s got a rather frazzled ingredient list, but hey. It’s what I’ve got in my fridge and cupboard.

Just mix together what you think might be appropriate amounts of the following, slathering your chicken breast real good: 

peanut butter, soy sauce, egg yolk (one, two?), salt (if you think you need it in addition to the soy sauce), lemon (juice and rind). And if you’re feeling adventurous, a splash of orange juice. And some oats. Yes, oats. They bake onto the chicken really nicely and provide a little extra, unexpected & flavor-soaked deliciousness. 

Bake for about 40 minutes in foil. 

Baked Citrus Salmon

Start like this: 5 ounces of beautiful, pink salmon, fresh garlic, salt, olive oil, orange, orange rind and a touch of tamari. Now, wrap it up in foil and bake for 15-20 min at 400 degrees. image

And you’ll end up with this: 


…if you make yourself some damn vegetables to go with it! 


Simple Plate

I’m keeping it simple these days. Here’s an easy plate anyone can replicate: 1/2 cup of brown rice with herbs, a 1/2 cup of oven-roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli, and a palm-sized portion of Brontosaurus chicken.

Brontosaurus chicken: Sprinkle pan with salt, chopped onion and fresh garlic—no oil necessary. Add chicken to pan and coat with kids’ “Brontosaurus” pasta sauce from Whole Foods. It’s tasty, made from sweet potato, tomato, carrot, olive oil, garlic, roasted pepper and sea salt, and is full of potassium. Let chicken simmer stovetop for approximately twenty minutes, flipping it about halfway through cooking. Your chicken will release all its juicy goodness into the Brontosaurus sauce and enhance its flavor. Super quick, super easy. Super yummy :D

Fondly revisiting the festive clam bake dinner of two Mondays ago. I’m not usually one for slaw of any sort (particularly not coleslaw), but this one was actually quite good. As was that one colossal clam, the little bit of sausage tucked next to the tomato there, and the juicy, juicy watermelon. mmm. 

Also. Can we talk about that plate’s color composition? #killinit

Friday Fresh! A grand (and colorful!) mini meal.

So, I made a salad of sorts: orange bell pepper (aren’t they just the sweetest??), avocado, broccoli, some plumb slices, and a couple ounces of black forest ham-mmmm. Oh! and a few dainty, salty almonds. Just chop everything to your liking and eat. Preferably in the sun. 

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh! WOOHOO!


Smoked turkey breast between tart-sweet pink lady apple slices. This is a real simple way to the “ohhhmg, yum. I’m healthy and oh-so-happy” state. 

To ensure you reach said state, be sure to pair your DOUBLE DECKER with sautéed kale, roast carrots, raisins and almonds. 

Now go be a happy human. #NoRecipe #RealFood

Simple, Smokey Supper

Sautéed & seasoned kale, baked sweet potatoes, and smoked turkey.


Egg white-pesto pizza (Peggsto Pizza? ha). With broccoli, cauliflower and pumpkin seed toppings. And half of a glorious tangelo from @WholeFoods Bowery.

A dash of this, a dash of that

Pan-fried chicken strips atop onion-cauliflower rice & sweet potato-carrot purée. I don’t think it gets much better? 

One healthy motha

Kale, carrot & cauliflower slaw with some browned, citrus chickie. That’s a lil sweet potato crust you see on it…go ahead. Salivate. 


Whattup Breakfast?

Eggs again, eggs again,

Eggs for when you’re on the mend. 

Eggs today, eggs again,

Eggs are something I’ll defend.

*An egg, two egg whites, spinach, and olive tapenade atop more spinach and sliced strawbahbahberries*

Snack Time

Super inventive? No. Super creative? No. Super yummy? YES. You’ll notice there are some roasted pumpkin seeds thrown in there. They may not be the most paleo item, but they’re pure salty deliciousness. There’s also a touch of kalamata olive tapenade and fresh squeezed lime juice. It’s spring. Get fresh. 

He’ll fight you for a bite. 

So I got bucked off the horse

And I fell hard on my rump. 

But I couldn’t stand the stomach lump 

So I picked up my bump bump

I’m back in the paleo swing

Eating greens, avoiding grains. 

It’s really not a pain. 

I’m making super gains.